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Our yachts are built on three hulls. At each of them there are independent displacement chambers one meter spaced. They are built of AlMg 4.5 aluminium saltwater resistant. Hulls are made of 5-6 mm aluminum sheets; they are well enhanced, so that yacht can stand on the ice safely. The patented shape of our hulls made our yachts resistant to cross winds and course stable.

Safety of three hulls:
- with one damaged hull, thanks to the remaining hulls, you can continue sailing,
- trimarans (a yacht on 3 hulls) do not go into large heels when making turns.

An appropriate construction makes our units greatly manoeuvre, which is especially significant in small marinas. The hulls are made of 5-6 mm thick sheets, they are properly strengthened, so they can easily stand in the ice.

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Our houseboats are built of AlMg 4.5 aluminium hulls, walls and roof. Three hulls are joined together by aluminium beams, waterside floor is protected by aluminium sheet. Our houseboats are outdoor maintenance-free.

Thanks to the use of 6mm thick sheets for the construction of hulls, and appropriate reinforcements, our yachts can stand in the ice.High ceilings 210 cm from the floor, and wide passages allowing the freedom of movement in yachts rooms and give you a peace of mind during the trips.
Yachts can be manufactured with interior furnishing design according customers wish. Depending on your needs, large fuel and water tanks may be mounted. Large containers on a black and grey wastewater ensure long trips without a necessity to be handled frequently.
In case of choice of suitable engines, you can achieve a speed of about 20 km/h.
The aluminium that is used for yacht building is certified and comes from the EU; all of the devices used during construction of our units come from well-known companies of the shipbuilding industry. As a result, you can be confident that you have a high-quality houseboat.


If there is not your dream interior furnishing in our standard yacht offer,
we will plan a dream layout of the rooms and conjure such houseboat for You as You wish.

For us impossible is nothing!

Our shipyard

Sunhunter Yachts

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About us

When dreams about water leisure come true…

The Sunhunter Yachts shipyard is an effect of our dreams and passion with company with more than 25 years experience in the metal industry. It is one of the SAGGRA’s company brand. The first yacht was created in our shipyard at 2005. We specialize in design and construction of elegant houseboats. Besides standard units included in our offer we realize also houseboats with individually designed interior furnishings and colouring. Our yachts can be adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Standard units can be further equipped on request. In our shipyard we employ experts and engineers, they supervise the whole manufacturing process from the planning to the yacht launch at a place selected by a customer. We do our best to make our yachts safe and comfortable and develop them in the most minute detail. With our houseboats you can travel across sea lines all over the Europe. Our yachts combine the advantages of apartments and motor yachts. Besides the elegant interior they ensure excellent nautical properties and great manoeuvrability. With proper choice of engines, they can achieve a speed of about 20 km/h and are able to stand on the ice. Because of the water-resistant aluminium used for construction (hulls, decks, walls and roofs), our yachts are outdoor maintenance-free.We invite you to get acquainted with our offer and make your beautiful dreams come true.


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